JWT – Security with Simplicity

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In today’s world , security is the prime priority.

Throughout the evolution of computers, security also evolved from simple password based authentication to multi factor based authentication, from simple text encryption to two key encryption.  The latest in this evolution is JWT (JSON Web Tokens), which handles secure message passing between two clients / parties.

Why we need JWT ?

In a normal token based authentication, a token is granted for a authenticated user. All the subsequent service calls uses this token and identifies the user. The identification process takes place at server where this token is validated against a token store data. Same is the case for a SAML authentication. The idea of JWT is to make this token self contained with out loosing the compact nature. So the identity will also lies with in the token . This will reduce the time to look up in the token store and also makes the program code straight forward.

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KMA management convention

It was a wonderful experience attending the convention. Had many experience sharing sessions. Had received a new view of life, attitude and management. 

My experiments with IoT – “Meeting with Pi”

Ingredients:  Little bit of nodeJS, ½ teaspoon raspberry pi. 🙂

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When I heard the word IoT from one of my colleagues back in 2012, it was just like a piece of tech which seems to be very far from my world. Later when I started working with Arduino and raspberry pi in 2015, I realized the potential.

How it started

I am a graduate in computer science, with very little interest in electronics. During my college days, we had a paper on electronics and my score is “just pass”. My prime focus was behind programming languages and its concepts. Tried to learn many programming languages during the college days itself. It seems very easy for me to learn new languages as I tried to understand the concepts first, then the constructs.

It was in 2015 when one of my colleagues explained me about the working of raspberry pi. I was quite interested in it and there began the new phase of my learning.

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