dynamoman – the perfect import-export utility for AWS DynamoDB administration

It is quite surprising that AWS didn’t provide an import export support for its popular database DynamoDB. When I started using DynamoDB for my project, I found the unavailability of import export feature hounding me during data migration or copying data between environments.

This made me to start looking for options for exporting the tables of DynamoDB. I found there are some options must most of them are more than 1 year old and lacks intuitive features. This made me to think about creating a cli which will handle the import export of tables, thus created a new cli – dynamoman (https://www.npmjs.com/package/dynamoman)


  • Easily export the dynamoDB table as JSON
  • Imports the data into any dynamoDB table
  • Export from one region and import in to another
  • Supports batch import (chunks of 25 records)
  • Supports Windows / Linux / Mac


You can use npm / yarn to install the cli

  npm install -g  dynamoman

To verify the Installation

  dynamoman --help

Getting started

For importing the data use the import command and for exporting use the export command

dynamoman import --file table_dump.json --table <mytable>
dynamoman export --file output.json --table <mytable>

More feature are there in the pipeline including

  • Export all tables to a zip
  • Import all tables from a zip

If you like to contribute to this project, please feel free to submit a pull request @ https://github.com/vinodsr/dynamoman

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