Open Firefox inside a Tab

Open firefox and paste this url chrome://browser/content/browser.xul in the address bar and go … Hurrayy

You can see a firefox instance inside the tab. This can be continued in a recursive manner.

This tweak can be used to group websites . ie we can open mail windows , blogs under the same tab .. how is the idea ..

Immediate Shutdown in Windows

Usually windows will take 30 toΒ  2 mins to shutdown the system .. Here is a tip that will give us the power to shutdown immediate a windows system . “Just like switching off a bulb

To do this , open the task mananger by pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL .


Then Click on the shutdown menu ..

after that click on the Turn Off Menu By Pressing Ctrl Button , then click ..

ShutDown Menu - Taskmanager
ShutDown Menu - Taskmanager

You can see that the system will turn off immediately… when u switch on the pc you will find that there is not scandisk , or any checks comming up .. .I am oing this .. and found no probs .. The same is applicable to the hibernate link in the shutdown menu …

experience the fastest Shutdown πŸ˜€