Linux Driver for BSNL Evdo

EVDO Client on Ubuntu 10.04
EVDO Client on Ubuntu 10.04

In most sites and forum i found some tedious steps to make the evdo work in linux. lot of scripts.

Making evdo workable in linux is very simple …

and there download the appropriate version, install it.
Now you are having the dialer with you . Input the username and password in the options / setting window of the dialog , then click on connect button .. Bingoo ..

7 Replies to “Linux Driver for BSNL Evdo”

  1. I just can’t believe i spent the whole day, tweaking things to start evdo. wvdail, reinstalled ubuntu 2 times as of experimenting i did.
    And it turns out they have software for this!!! thanks anyways.

  2. Coooooool man……………. i just installed Linux and was bothered EVDo linux driver and configuration. U saved my day PAL….. good work …….

  3. I tried to install the driver you suggested but after installation it doesnt open any dialogue box and doesnt respond at all.kindly suggest the right process in steps to run the operations

  4. do start the application from the terminal and see what is the ouput in the terminal

  5. i appreciate ur effort but not workin with me..using ubuntu 10.04,no dialer version found. soi used previous available one..application got installed,detects my modem,but doesnt connect…says serial port error ,kill ppp so..pls give a solution

  6. hello Vinod ,

    it saves a lot of time, do u know how to configure adhoc network on ubuntu,
    so that i can connect evdo internet to my nokia n95 too

  7. please tell me how to use BSNL EVDO Rev A Model:UE100 in linux
    it is mfd by
    their manual show it support mac & linux (ubuntu) but it dont have any driver or help how to install it on linux.

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